Gradient Releases HIPAA-Compliant AI Platform for Healthcare

Gradient Releases HIPAA-Compliant AI Platform for Healthcare

LLMs have the potential to transform healthcare organizations. They can process unstructured information in a way that was previously impossible. They’re able to understand and automate procedural tasks with incredible accuracy, that previously could only performed through many intensive people hours.

However, substantial challenges have prevented healthcare enterprises from being able to leverage this technology effectively:

Lack of data privacy and control with closed-source AI models

Significant development and deployment costs

Complex infrastructure setup required before beginning to build custom models

With the release of Gradient’s HIPAA-compliant AI Cloud for Healthcare, organizations are able to:

Keep their data in their private environment (dedicated deployments in GCP, AWS, Azure, Snowflake, etc.) and have full ownership and control of the AI models they build

Reduce AI development costs by 70%+, with continued savings in hosting and maintenance costs

Accelerate time to market by 10x with simple infrastructure and state-of-the-art healthcare models that can be easily customized further based on an organization’s private data

Gradient’s Approach to Healthcare AI

Gradient’s AI Cloud for Healthcare combines 2 critical components for any healthcare organization looking to deploy effective AI solutions: (i) medically trained healthcare LLMs that organizations can deploy privately, and (ii) a platform to further train these AI systems with your private data. No other AI platform today can provide both these features for healthcare organizations.

Start with a Pre-Built Healthcare Expert AI Healthcare organizations need a solution now, but LLMs on the market today do not have the medical knowledge nor the healthcare organizational understanding necessary to accurately and efficiently perform tasks in the healthcare domain out of the box.

To address this head on, Gradient provides proprietary, HIPAA-compliant Nightingale Healthcare LLMs:

Leverage a Model with a Medical Degree: Our LLMs have been extensively trained on medical information (clinical data, medical textbooks and journals, etc.) and pass all 3 steps of the USMLE.

Expert in Healthcare Organizations: On top of medical expertise, our LLMs have a deep understanding of healthcare administration and operations. They have been trained on health records, claims data, billing data, clinical trials data, etc.

Advanced Logical Reasoning: Our models have been further trained to use best practices in logical reasoning, enabling higher accuracy and preventing hallucination. This includes citing its sources, evaluating multiple potential answers before recommending one, and reflecting on its answer and course-correcting.

We also leverage the most cutting-edge AI technology, including Mixture of Experts (MoE) and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG).

Nightingale is the highest performing commercial healthcare AI—passing all three steps of the USMLE and substantially outperforming any AI model available today.

Supercharge Pre-Built AI Solutions with Your Private Data Gradient is the only platform that enables healthcare organizations to combine industry expert LLMs like Nightingale, with their own institutional knowledge and data.

Every healthcare organization operates differently and has their own nuances—especially when it comes to organizational behavior and operations. Customizing our healthcare LLM further with your organization’s data gives it a deep understanding of how things are done at your organization. When executing on tasks for your organization, it increases overall performance and accuracy of the AI system.

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